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Yare Yare Boys/5 Grams of Iron

May 27, 2018

Jan-Ken-Hoi! Real life Brooks knower Anthony joins us today to share stories of middle school mischief, plus we talk about ghost dads and terrible Polnareff clones. If you've never punched a child or punched a camera you won't have much to relate to in this episode. Sorry.

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May 19, 2018

We always looked for it in Game of Thrones, but it turns out JoJo had it the whole time. The elusive "good season". We spend a lot of time in this episode on the verge of being one of those people who are "fans" of serial killers, but you gotta admit his sock really was inside out.

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May 12, 2018

Come on down to St. Gentlemen for half-priced hoagies! Just make sure you don't mix yours up with a Bowser headed kid's bag or you might send someone to Catholic purgatory. Stay tuned for all this, plus more info on the PGOT Meetup!

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May 5, 2018

What's wrong with a couple of money hungry teens being forced to break edge? What's wrong with using magic to trick someone into falling in love with you and then they just end up staying in love with you? Can it just be next week already so we can talk about those two episodes? All these questions answered and more, on...