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Yare Yare Boys/5 Grams of Iron

Jan 26, 2019

Welcome to the Comedy Central Roast of Prosciutto and Pesci, with your hosts The Little Meninis. In between discussing the Speed of Hell and the power of Ultra Murder Instinct, we set some time aside to get a real good look at the main character of part 5, Coco Jumbo.

Intro song is the Pizza Pasta Ditty. Outro is All My...

Jan 13, 2019

Before having fun with the disgusting man of Pesci and the funny turtle of Coco Jumbo, your Yare Yare Boys have to resolve the trouble with the Mirror Man. Science side of PGOT Family do NOT interact with this episode. Everything that happens is true and makes a lot of sense.  

Intro song is the Pizza Pasta Ditty. Outro...